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La Biancha is the Sister Business to Brookwater Barista in Augusta Village.

Everything's Made Fresh at La Biancha.

Pizza Dough


The wood fired pizza oven and the Dough making process 


At La Biancha Pizzeria we use only Italian “00 Flour“ for our dough which has a proving process of at least 48-60 hours. This process enables the yeast to work at its best in the heat of the oven. People with gluten intolerance may find this dough, easier than normal pizza dough to digest.


The Pizzas are cooked in an oven of over 300 Degrees which enables a crispy base and maximum puff for the crusts.


We believe that if you want the best quality pizza take away, we recommend not to cut the pizza as the juices leech into the box and make the pizza soggy and tainted with cardboard.

Therefore if you do receive a pizza that is not cut, don’t be upset.



Our Quality and Dedication to the customer


At La Biancha we only purchase the freshest and highest quality of products. Most of our ingredients are imported from Italy to provide the most authentic tastes.  The rest we source locally.


We are also avid supporters of local businesses so where we can we only use local services.


Our staff have been hand picked and trained to enhance your experience. We pride our selves on treating our staff fair and giving them a skill that they can take to any industry and their future endeavours.


We are dedicated to ensure that each interaction you have with La Biancha Pizzeria is a professional friendly experience, so that you will want to return time and time again.

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85 Leon Capra Drive

Augustine Heights, 4300, QLD

(07) 3447 0455

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